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Terror attack on Gas Facility in Algeria – Arab Method of Counter-Insurgency

First of all I agree there can be no negotiation with these type of fanatics except the time required to get into a better position to kill them. However I am very skeptical of the expertise of the Algerian forces.  Some … Continue reading

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Caveats and notes on my blog

I probably should have put this at the beginning of my blog but I have a number of purposes for constructing this blog, other than the normal digital  self indulgence. Number one is that this will eventually be integrated into … Continue reading

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Great Days in Beirut and The American University of Beirut

When you think of the Middle East does a picture of  female college students wearing min-skirts, halters and sundresses come to mind? Well probably  not and indeed  that would not be easy to find these days. Beirut in t6hose days … Continue reading

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Iraq my early-on thoughts

with kids in Baghdad the “Love palace” of Uday medic giving medical care to iraqis in al kindi district, outside cafe restaurant in El-Kindi Perhaps I was too optimistic  in the article I wrote some years, but I believe more … Continue reading

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the Jordanian civil war 1970

King Hussein shaking hands with me at an official function This is from the American Diplomacy archives, an excellent on-line periodical. My article about Ambassador Brown Commentary and Analysis  October 2001   The subject of this commentary, Ambassador Lewis Dean … Continue reading

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