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The Waning days of the Old Arabia

I was very lucky early in my tour in Lebanon to be seconded to the Trucial Oman Scouts in the Trucial States, now called the United Arab Emirates. When I arrived there it was just a collection of 7 emirates … Continue reading

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Assassination of Sadat – continued

as a flight of french made Egyptian jets flew over, most were watching then, but not me. As an artilleryman I was watching the artillery unit pass slowly by. As one dilapidated Russian prime mover came near the reviewing stand, … Continue reading

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Assassination of Sadat

This post will be on the assassination of Sadat which I witnessed at close range in 1981.In the photos above I am either circled or have an ink arrow pointing to me ( not the big white arrows). One points … Continue reading

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Latest on Iraq

Al Maliki at Lunch There can be no doubt that Iraq is in turmoil. Had we drawn down our forces in a more orderly and coherent fashion perhaps this latest threat of Iraqi disintegration might have been avoided. Alas the … Continue reading

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