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Money Makes a Midget a Giant – The case of Qatar

This past week a change in the regime of Qatar has initiated a number of stories about the Arab “magic kingdom.” This is a tribal state, a family fiefdom in which only one out of five people who live there … Continue reading

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Sunni versus Shi’a

There can be little doubt that the political conflict that convulses the Arab and Islamic world is that of the Shi’a -Sunni conflict. It has superseded the near century of the Arab-Israeli  conflict. While many of the  Western academics and … Continue reading

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Travelling in Iran

My wife and I travelled from Tehran to Shiraz in 1968. We Flew from Beirut to Tehran, got a vehicle from the Embassy and set out on our adventure. Most of our pics have been lost in the dozens of … Continue reading

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Moderates win again.This time in Iran

For those who actually read my blog…,meaning mostly my family and extended family I screwed up the this post so bad I deleted it and started over. I did so many revisions to it that I got confused as to … Continue reading

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Turkey and Erdogan

 The Alevi are a salient aspect to the  troubles in Turkey. The Gezi park area is an area inhabited by a large community of Alevis.  Some years ago a series of drive- by shootings left a number of Alevis dead … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Arab World progress

obstacles-to-arab-progress In this PPT I have analyzed  12 reasons why there is so little s progress in the Arab world. The PPT is in the following order First a map of the Arab world at its greatest extent A view … Continue reading

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Erdogan, Obama’s poster boy as a model for Islamist democracy

Turkey’s Erdogan and President Obama share one very important personal attribute. Both have a surfeit of megalomania.  Erdogan pictured himself as the Sultan of the new Ottoman empire, sheltering the hapless Arabs under his protective wing. He thought that by … Continue reading

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