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Palestine and “talks about talks”

I see my role in posting information in my obscure blog to simply point out rather obvious things that  the gurus and heavy hitters in the Middle East  reporting and analysis business seem loathe to discuss. Or perhaps they simply … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Morass and U.S foreign policy Inanities

What is the stupidest  thing the present regime in Egypt could do? Release Morsi from custody and immediately begin negotiations to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back into some sort of coalition government. Who is advocating this? Why the Obama foreign … Continue reading

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Egypt …not in the mainstream media

Most of the Western media seems to be writing and reporting on an Egypt that does not exist. Suddenly Western liberals who decry the most minor of affronts to  the homosexual lifestyle or any hint of inhibitions to the rights … Continue reading

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A Lesson From Egypt

It has always been a tough argument for me to convince some people that  Political Islamism and Islam are not synonymous. One is a political ideology with carefully selected aspects of Islamic traditions and Qu’ranic attributions to justify almost anything. … Continue reading

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