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Syria: The Amazing Obama Deception Plan

Anyone remember the fiasco related to our last attack on the Syrian state? It was 1983 .. following the attack on the Marine barracks, President Reagan  decided to make the Syrians pay a price since everyone knew the attacks on the … Continue reading

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Islam and Islamism

The following is a review of an excellent article which pretty-well describes  my approach to the  core problem in the Middle East. It is not the Palestinian problem. It is the struggle between Muslim anti-islamists and Muslim Islamists. The review … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera America

Queen mother of Qatar. When she speaks people listen and look !! Yesterday we learned Al Jazeera launched its new network, Al Jazeera America. What are we to make of this? Someone asked me that question and this was my … Continue reading

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Just When You Think it Cannot get Worse, It Does – The Embassy closure fiasco

Based on “intercepts”, contents are not made public of course, the Obama State Department gang that can’t shoot straight, announced the closure of 22 Embassies  and consulates in the Middle East. King Hussein shaking hands with me at an official … Continue reading

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The idiocy of the American Middle East academics, policy makers, and media.

On the on-going Israeli-Palestinian talks, Lee Smith in the Weekly Standard said it best . After describing the possibility that SECSTATE  Kerry is trying to sneak in  some sort of lasting agreement while the rest of the Arab world is … Continue reading

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