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Another “How to Defeat ISIL.”

Almost every pundit, whether he has ever set a foot in Arabia or not has weighed in on how to defeat ISIL. Most skirt one central fact. So my bottom line up front; the ISIL has to be defeated decisively on … Continue reading

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The Burdens of the Arab world

In the nearly fifty years I have been involved with the Middle East in one capacity or another, I have observed the slow retrogression of the quality of life for its people. Despite some flashes of bright spots that seem … Continue reading

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Iraq and the Arab World Redux

Euraka!!!!! The New York Times rececntly discovered much to their astonishement that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction all the while ! No not nuclear weapons – at least not yet. It was assumed that the  U.S. invaded and  destroyed the Saddam … Continue reading

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