The Iran Issue Under Reagan and Obama

A Picture , they say, is worth a thousand words. So let these two pictures convey the message. Under the Obama The Weak, in pursuit of a worthless piece of paper purporting to a nuclear agreement, Obama has allowed the United States to act as a  supplicant to a third rate power. Humiliating and unanswered   insults has followed one after another for years, culminating in the grand humiliation  shown below, further aggravated by an obsequious  thanks to the Iranians by the walking, talking cadaver, John Kerry.


Iranian abduction

Contrast that with the photo below. When the Iranians were stupid enough to fire on American tankers in the Persian Gulf, Reagan  The Strong, ordered the US Navy to take action. They did.

In addition to sinking several Iranian ships they wiped out an oil rig being used as a communication  and intelligence post.  Several destroyers fired 1,065 grounds to destroy the oil rig, Rostam. They allowed the Iranians 20 minutes to evacuate which they did posthaste. It was part of operation Nimble Archer.

Iranian oil rig destroyed





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