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The Destruction of the Turkish Army

Since the abortive coup attempt in Turkey there have been truckloads of political pontifications  concerning the future course of the Sultan Erdogan’s “new Turkey.” Most  of the Western leadership and the Arab Gulf states have announced their support for the … Continue reading

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Nostalgia For the Bad Old Days of Saddam

Recently, and especially with the public appearance of the  the Chilcot Report, it has reenergized the  Iraqi war debate. Of course it is a mostly one sided debate as the conventional wisdom expressed  by the media, most politicians,  and academics, … Continue reading

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The Lessons of the ISIS Convoy

Many saw on the television clips of the US air force and Iraqi air force decimating a convoy apparently leaving Fallujah headed to Syria. There are many questions here. But also there are some fairly certain conclusions.  The US air … Continue reading

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