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Syria: Why defeating President Assad has failed?

In these two new videos below I want to point out why defeating President Assad has failed despite the many prognostications  that the Assad regime has little chance of surviving primarily because  his main support is drawn from the minority … Continue reading

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Checking The Blocks

Draft by Norvell DeAtkine.  A presentation I made at the  2016 ASMEA conference. ( without footnotes) The PPT for this presentation will be found at  Checking  the Blocks. Preparing Troops for Deployment to the Middle East Probably no aspect … Continue reading

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About “The Arab Mind” of Raphael Patai

Just a few words to amplify and clarify my talk on the video. I am new at this video blogging and not quite ready for prime time so excuse the  gaffes I made. In this video I talk briefly about … Continue reading

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