The Muslim Brotherhood Tells Washington DC “We are in Charge Here”

Raymond Stock, A well known expert on Egyptian culture and politics, having lived there for 20 Years,  and translated many of Naguib Mafouz’s  novels into English, wrote,

“With an implacably anti-Western, anti-secular, anti Christian, antisemitic, anti -female,  Moslem supremacist ideology…. yet most of the world still sees its leaders ( Muslim Brotherhood) not as they are but as they wish them to be;  moderate,  liberal,  more interested in economic well-being than ho;ly war….but we have  no evidence they at all they have changed…..”

And I might add also  the Muslim Brotherhood  ( MB) is  equally ill-disposed  toward the Shi’a and any other Muslims not adhering to their strict criteria of what a Muslim should be.

Writing of the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to hide their true intentions, Johannes J. G. Jansen, an expert on Islamic terrorism and author of the book The Neglected Duty, The Creed of Sadat’s Assassins. “The Credulity and gullibility of many Western observers of Islam and the Middle East has guaranteed the success of such efforts as stealth.” as he wrote the Egyptians call it a mafrakha, a hatchery of violence. he goes on to write,  “Taking even a superficial look at the internal  Brotherhood publications should make the truth obvious.” Bassam Tibi ( The Sharia State: Arab Spring and Democratization,  in his excellent discussion of Islamism, chronicles the naivete of American political leaders such as President Obama and Sec State Clinton in assuming the Muslim Brotherhood was the wave of the future. As Tibi makes clear there can be no such thing as an “Islamic democracy.” The Qur’an is our constitution” is the primary premise.

As Cdr Youssef H. aboul Enein  write in his book ,Militant Islamist Ideology, Islamist radical ideology cannot be understood without understanding the writings of  Sayyid Qutb, who  basically laid the framework for the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood organization and al Qaeda.  I’ve read both of his books in Englisb, Milestones and in the Shade of the Qur’an.).  Viciously  anti-American, based in part on an unhappy university study in Colorado, his diatribes against everything American have penetrated deeply into the Brotherhood ideology and operations.


Apparently according to Seyyid Qutb’s memoirs  the girls at the small Colorado college he attended  couldn’t keep their hands off him.

With  characteristic  deception. duplicity, and a chameleon -like ability  to adapt to their surroundings in order to survive, have kept them always in a position of readiness to foment rebellion and strife. As their original leader and founder, Hassan al Banna exhorted his followers, “God is our goal/the Prophet our is our leader, /the Qur’an our constitution/Jihad is our way/ Death is our loftiest  wish/God is God. God Is great.”The Brotherhood, wherever it tries to gain ascendancy, leaves a path of violence and blood as in  Syria and Egypt.

Me at Trial pic

Me at Trial of Jihadist Sheikh abdul Rahman,  the blind sheikh, and 9 others, at the 1993 World trade Cneter bombing conspiracy trial. All were followers of the philosophy of Seyyed Qutb.

Dr Laurent Murawiec, an Islamic scholar of the highest reputation,  in his book, the Mind of Jihad laid out the violent history of the MB and their predilection for enticing violence, and sowing discord wherever they were. Bassam Tibi further explores the recruiting and building of the communist like structure of the MB party.  It many ways it is also similar to the Ba’ath party of Iraq.It is an organization that not only aspires to recreate a world in their dogmatic totalitarian image,  and not just the Muslim world.  As my fellow instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center, Ali Mohamed,  ( The infamous “green Beret” Terrorist) often said, with great conviction, the world will only be peaceful when Islam  reigns supreme.  That is the motive of the Muslim Brotherhood.

As Tibi analyzes in great detail, the image of the new Muslim Brotherhood world is incompatible with Western democracy and a free society. It is a replica of Communism and fascism in its rawest form. Like all totalitarian ideologies,  it is like catnip to the intellectual elite who see themselves as the leadership  of a perfect state, unhindered by the bleatings of the hoi poloi.  But unlike the dimwits of the Islamic State, motivated more by a sick sadistic blood lust, they do not publicly butcher people for orgiastic entertainment. The  terrorize them in much more subtle ways. The Muslim Brotherhood will happily don their their three piece suits and even wear a tie to convince their clueless academic and  journalistic  audiences that they are just like the Rotarians down the  street.  (putting on a tie is especially tough because as you may have noticed the Islamists such as the Iranian regime officials and the Brotherhood members eschew ties because they are seen as a symbol of Christianity which deep in their hearts they abhor.)

But lo and behold,  after the White House announcement, the big guns, like the Brookings Institute, come out with their  predictable response. Branding the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization is just unfathomable to these people, After all the Muslim Brotherhood do run hospitals,  feed the hungry, house the homeless, which in fact they do, because the authoritarian Middle East governments are corrupt, and do nothing for their people. This why the United States has been caring for Palestinian  refugees for decades while the Arab governments refuse to do so.

My response to the Good people of Brookings and the usual suspects,  is yes the Brotherhood does some good works, but  always with  an evil objective of  absolute power as their goal. With the immense amount of money the Brotherhood has,  and throws around, one must expect that various “Think Tanks” in Washington will find the Brotherhood  just a wonderful bunch of congenial democrats  (little d),

However when viewing the good works of the Brotherhood, it is well to keep in mind the case of Hitler and Germany. Hitler picked up a destitute, demoralized Germany  and led a Germany back to be the greatest power in Europe in just twenty years time. Communism under Stalin did the same in Russia. Totalitarian governments with charismatic leaders do that well.  But what a horrible price the people paid.

Of course, should the Muslim Brotherhood be designated a terrorist organization, (Not likely, The Wise Ones will intercede)  the elitists of the inner circle in Washington also foresee injustices committed against the Muslim communities of America  because it is the firm belief of these elites that middle Americans are only slightly above the savage level and must be controlled by the anointed class, and fed only the news they can digest. After all the average American. Being the dumb ass he is reputed to be in our nation’s capitol, would see every Muslim as a terrorist. Did that happen  after 9/11? No…… but they don’t want to hear that and the NYT and Washington Post won’t print it.

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wish/ God is God. G God is Great.

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