The Muslim Brotherhood and its Allies in the Leftist Press and Academia



As i wrote in my previous post, the Trump proposal to designate the Muslim Brotherhood  (MB) ), a Terrorist Organization will probably not succeed because of legalistic hair splitting on meeting the archaic definitions of what constitutes a terrorist organization.  Nevertheless it is, in fact,  the premier terrorist movement in the world. As I explained in the previous post, it is a hatchery of the organizations we recognize as terroristic, including  Al; Qaida  and the Islamic State ( ISIS). The philosopher  king, Seyyed Qutb, of the MB movement and all the Islamic  organizations which  have evolved from it have absorbed the pseudo-intellectual patchwork, fragmented thinking’ and unbridled hatred which drove his writings. The founder of the MB, Hassan al Banna implemented Qutb’s Sunni Triumphalist rants into the basic doctrine of the  MB, And so it remains today despite its many rebranding and disinformation campaigns.

The outpouring of  support from the Washingtonian  elite and the Media criticizing Trumps suggestion is an indicator of the degree to which this insidious organization has infiltrated the Media and Academia. The arguments they present are spurious at best and deliberate lies in many cases. Why this support?

  1. The previous administrations including to some degree, George Bush’s, cratered to the advocates or sympathizers of the MB. In the Clinton and especially the Obama administrations the MB supporters were the ‘Go to” muslims on all issues involving the so called “Muslim Community.” Those Muslims, the vast majority of the US Muslims , do not accept the Muslim Brotherhood as their spokesman and mentors. With the incoming Trump administration, the MB supporters moved into academia,  many “think tanks,”  and the Media.They have once again become the “go  to”  people for Islamic issues.
  2. The Muslim Brotherhood  does not represent the community  of Islam, certainly not the Shi’a, Ahmadiya,  Alevi, Alawi  or even most of the Sunni. In Egypt a country of very conservatives Sunni Islamic values, the MB could never garner  more than about 20-25% of the population. In is  ironic that a radical movement like the MB, anti feminist, anti gay, anti Christian, and vociferously anti Jewish, could suddenly be seen as representative of the Western Muslim communities.
  3. They wormed their way into these positions in the same way the Communist party was able to do so previously in the Roosevelt administration, the  voice media, and journalism. by concealing their affiliations and the manipulation of useful fools….of which Academia and news media  is surfeit. As we now know the fellow travelers and useful  fools, though not large in numbers,  were  able to  influence American policies after the Yalta conference  and post war agreements
  4. As one  who has had to undergo many security investigations  as part of my positions  in intelligences and military analyist positions,  I remember the question asking if I were ever a member of the communist party, the Klu Klux Klan, the The Knights of the White  Camelia ( an offshoot of the KKK). I mention them because as a kid in Anniston Alabama, I watched them parade down the street on horseback  in full regalia. But to return to the point, do the investigative services ask those requesting a security clearance if they have ever been a member of the Muslim Brotherhood ? They should because it is a movement   antithetical  to every moral and civil value our Republic represents.
  5. Bassam Tibi in his book The Sharia State:Arab Spring and Democratization,has what I consider the correct approach to the Muslim Brotherhood. In essence he wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood should “be engaged but not empowered.” In this he means for instance,  that they not be banned from the market place of ideas, such as Christianity  has been in  most Western nations,  but they should not  promoted  by governments into positions of authority as the Washington elite have done.  They should not be given any security clearance nor even a public trust clearance.  Those elected congressional  representatives,  who clearly sympathize  with the Muslim Brotherhood. should not be allowed on any congressional committees  overseeing national security.
  6. Finally, because its presents an ugly, bigoted, exclusivist face of  political Islam  to  non Islamic population of the West, the MB  is truly the worst possible representative to  combat the supposed “Islamophobia”  ( if it actually exists). As a number of careful scholars have noted,  the MB seeks to isolate the Muslim communities from their Western neighbors, ensuring that they never develop a truly Western polity















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  1. Connie Piper says:

    It is so upsetting the way these MB members and sympathizers have managed to worm their way into the highest echelons of politics, business, media, academia, and even our military (mil chaplaincy, analysts in various DoD organizations, contractor, etc..positions). Most people are afraid to call it for what it is – we’re infiltrated… and this scourge has permeated these organizations and they are protected by lawyers, (various types of lawyers are the bane of our existence since look at they way they crucify our Warriors like MAJ Matt Golsteyn and Navy SEAL Sean Gallagher). The MB and their sympathizers are protected by EEO, and other individuals who think the MG are a charitable organization.
    THANK YOU for such an informative article, dear Tex !!

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