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The War with Iran. Fake News at its Best

For weeks the Establishment press and media has been loudly proclaiming the dangers of US military moves as unduly provocative and edging  toward war with an Iran trying innocently to maintain its sovereignty.  What sort of war are we talking about here?   Most … Continue reading

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Women in King Hussein’s Life. Intrigue in the Palace

King Hussein had four wives. The first, Queen Dina was was of impeccable  Arab ancestry. Her Hashemite ancestry ( on her father’s side)  could be traced to the Prophet Muhammed. On her mothers side her ancestry was Circassian, the ‘Slave … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of the Christians in the Middle East The above is my article as it appeared in the Jewish News Syndicate, (JNS) an on Line periodical, I think the article fills a void, in that the West mostly ignores the plight of the Christians in The Islamic … Continue reading

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Newest Article on Russian Military Advisers in the East in Lima Charlie News

An article I worked a long time on with a great assist from my Swedish friend at LCN. John Sjoholm, Lima Charlie News World correspondent. Published on June 3, 2019 by Norvell B. DeAtkine History‚Äôs superpowers have long employed military … Continue reading

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