How the “Woke” Ideology Subverts National Security

Recently two  extraordinarily news items have surfaced to illustrate how our national security is being undermined by a leftist Elite Establishment  that controls the levers of power through their control of the media, the deep state,  particularly the power of taxation and intelligence, academia and the education system.

The first one is an Al Qaeda  Islamist exhortation to use domestic disturbances in the West to infiltrate  create havoc and target law enforcement officers. It approach eared on the server telegram, often used by terror groups. It was captured, translated from Arabic and put out by the MEMRI  organization. One excerpt from the article is below: It is from an Al-Qaeda  on line magazine called the “Wolves of Manhattan.”

“The article provides tips on which kinds of protests are easier and more effective to infiltrate, saying that a lone wolf should choose a “massive chaotic protest” that take places daily and lasts for a long time, like post-election protests in the U.S. or protests by France’s yellow vests.

The article also recommends that lone wolves choose a protest taking place at night so that it will be easier for them to escape or hide their identity.

Discussing how lone wolves can exploit protests, the article suggests that they disguise themselves as protesters and pretend to have similar views in order to infiltrate the protesters and steer them to violent actions, such as car ramming.

The article warns the lone wolf against stabbing protesters, since this could alert others to his motive and make it easier for them to capture or beat him. Instead, it recommends that the lone wolf hire a “militiaman,” or “mercenary” to do the car ramming.

“This way, you will kill a large number of Crusaders because they are all gathered. Besides, this act will have other implications, as you can incite the protesters against the police, whom you will claim to be the ones who sent this man to ram them. You will be able to enrage the protesters to steer them to fight with the police,” said the article.

It also encourages lone wolves to take advantage of the civil unrest in some countries to attack police officers. Elaborating on this, the article argues that this is easy, as the lone wolf can exploit the angry protesters, whom it describes as “Crusaders,” and steer them towards attacking the police.

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In France in the past week an Islamist terrorist followed a female police officer into the police station and killed her with a knife. No doubt another mentally unbalanced person. Strange how Islamist killers are always “mentally disturbed.” In a way anyone who is an Islamist is mentally disturbed. But he is still responsible for his actions.

Biden in his speech to congress  made it clear that something called “white supremacy” is a greater threat than Islamism. He, like every one else, is unable to define “white supremacy” as a threat.  Is it an attitude, a feeling, a thought? If a person  does not act on it how do you counter it? An article in the latest issue of Perspectives on Terrorism,  entitled “QAnon: Radical Opinion Vs Radical Action”  makes the excellent  point that trying to eradicate radicalism using “thought police” as in censoring free speech only increases and nutures the growth of radicalism.   But the elite Establishment oligarchs that control our society are poorly educated in history.

The article continues

In addition, the article asks the lone wolf to take advantage of the protests to destroy and vandalize private property if he cannot gain access to public property. “If you cannot reach public property, target private property, vandalize cars, shops, and stands. Remember that all of the Crusaders are jointly with their government in war against Islam,” it said.

It also highlights another advantage in this kind of protest, saying that lone wolves can bring knives and Molotov cocktail without raising suspicions. Additionally, laws concerning rioters are not harsh and often do not impose penalties on violent protesters such as those imposed on lone wolves, said the article. “Everyone [during a protest] is violating the law so if you got arrested – Allah forbid – your sentence will be different from that of a lone wolf.”

The article further explains that “timing” is the most important factor when it comes to attacking the police. It adds that lone wolves should wait for an opportunity to present itself, such as when there is a fight between a protester and a police officer, and states that it is better in such cases to use Molotov cocktails than knives. “Particularly when the police officer is the one who started the fight. In such a case, it is the right opportunity for you to kill him and become a hero in the eyes of the protesters and even to encourage them to commit acts similar to yours,” said the article.”

It goes on to urge followers to attack police officers offering 60$ for a verified kill of a police officer in Bitcoin. Only non Muslims are eligible however. Apparently Muslims kill for the nobility it confers.

So how many people have seen the very critical information? Very few. In fact I have found it referred to in only one small on line periodical. The question is why? I would say because it is not part of the “woke” leftist elite Establishment  narratives.e., that the riots and vandalism are part of a fight for “social Justice” and anything which detracts from that ideological theme, however disquieting and important, must be silenced.

Maj Hassan– a real terrorist. No one wanted to report him because of being labeled an Islamophobe.

In fact in the West Point Combatting Terrorism Center (CTC) their most recent article is another tilting at windmills article gravely warning of the “extremist right wing terrorism.” It has become the the terrorism story de jour, spinning left wing opinion pieces as fact. One has to look hard to find right-wing extremist events, unless the now famous 6 Jan-  A sort of conservative social justice protest-  is counted….in which the only person killed was an unarmed woman protestor. Don’t like my wording?  I guess the shoe is on the other foot.

The really dangerous aspect of these type stories is that the Establishment Elite, trying  to destroy dissenting thought, are in fact  creating the “monster” that aim to liquidate.


Bosom buddies or so Kerry thought> The betrayer gets betrayed

The second news event is that of the John Kerry betrayal of our ally, Israeli’s military secrets, spilling the beans to his buddy, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javid Zarif, on Israeli  targeting of Iranian military sites. Of course, the Elite Establishment Press and Media immediately tried to create another version and concentrate on the supposed division within the Iranian government. That may be but one thing for sure; Dealing with Iran without force is imbecilic. The lengths the media is going through to  spin it toward a favorable reason for negotiating with the Iranian regime is quite humorous actually. I keep wondering …what do the Iranians have on the Obama- Biden oligarchs that keep them begging at the Iranian table?


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