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Afghanistan 2021 and Singapore 1942 Calamities Not to be Forgotten

As things in Kabul limp toward some denouement of the Afghanistan tragedy…at least the race to evacuate as many American citizens, and presumably some percentage of the Afghans who aided in our nation building efforts (or were simply enticed into … Continue reading

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National Disgrace. The Botched Evacuation from Afghanistan

All of those of you still alive and breathing have probably seen the wild stampede and chaos attending the United States military and civilian evacuation from Afghanistan. It rivals and in some ways surpasses the humiliating evacuation from Saigon 30 … Continue reading

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The Futility of Nation or State Building in the Middle East

First a couple of definitions. Simplifying  the academic definition of Nation building, my definition is a process by which all the people within the boundaries of a nation feel they are citizens of that nation; e.g., all the people of … Continue reading

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Arabistan or Khuzistan or Ahwaz

  Iran at present has multiple problems, including the Wuhan virus running rampant through a number of Iranian regions, a failing economy, infighting among their regime elites but currently the most serious problem is the sectarian issue. As I wrote … Continue reading

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