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Why has the Russian Army Been so Inept In Ukraine? Counterinsurgency in the Middle East.

Without taking anything away from the valiant and  highly professional performance of the Ukrainian army, one cannot escape the fact that the performance of the Russian army so far has been close to pathetic; intermingled units clogging the roads, No … Continue reading

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Russian victory over Georgia 2008. An Albatross.

“…..The dazzling victory in the 67 war…contributed to the building of a myth around the IDF( Israeli Defense  Forces) and its personnel. The common expectations from the IDF were that any future war would be short with few casualties.” So … Continue reading

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The Russian Miscalculated but Why?

One question among many that may not be answered for many months or years is why the Russians decided to invade and if so  were they anticipating the  strength of Ukrainian resistance? Why was their human intelligence so poor?  In … Continue reading

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The Ukraine and The Arab world

After WWII, as the Russian threat became apparent  to the West, somewhat belatedly, and Soviet interest  in the Arab world, heretofore a Western preserve,  became a region of critical focus. The West sought to create a  barrier of friendly Arab … Continue reading

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