The 9/11 Report. Dereliction of Duty by The United States Command Authorities

MEMRI the premier American counter-terrorism organization  published this summary of Al Qaeda boasting on the various servers that carry their exhortations for their followers and sympathizers …As below

Attacks As An Extension Of The Battle Of Badr

The message, which has a similar style to those prepared by slain Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Kabul on July 31, starts by underlining the significance of the Battle of Badr, saying that despite the long record of victories in Islamic history, Badr has special importance due to the scarce resources of the Muslim fighters at that time, who were mostly equipped with their faith and courage.

After a lengthy description of the Battle of Badr, the message addresses the significance of 9/11, stressing that it has a similar impact on the global course of events.

Citing American author Paul Kennedy, who allegedly wrote that 9/11 was a turning point in shaping the events of the 21st century, the message asserted that “America will never return to what it used to be before the collapse of its biggest icons: the Pentagon, the headquarters of the U.S Department of Defense – the greatest power in the human history, and the World Trade Center, a skyscraper that represents its economic hegemony, and the frightening financial dominance of American capitalism.”


The ‘Timeless’ 9/11 Attacks Were Unexpected

The message argues that the importance of 9/11 attacks lay in the fact that they were totally unexpected. “The attacks hit America in a place that it had never considered or expected.” Recalling the day of the attacks, the message highlights the leadership of slain Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, saying that the American press reported on the day of the attack that “a Muslim called Osama Bin Laden, in the farthest corners of the earth and in its forests, threw four spears [i.e., airplanes] from Kandahar to Washington and New York, and three of these spears hit America’s military and economic hearts.”

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It further boasted that 9/11 killed more people than those killed in Pearl Harbor attack. Glorifying the impact of the attacks, the message describes them as “timeless Islamic conquest that the whole world watched on live broadcast,” adding that “the world has not seen or heard like them before, militarily or strategically.”

9/11 Attacks Ignited Strife Among The Crusaders

Elaborating on the impact of 9/11, the message argues that it ignited an internal conflict among the “Crusaders,” saying that both Western Europe with its Catholic majority along with Eastern Europe and its Orthodox majority, tried to exploit the attacks “to take down Protestant America” from the leadership of the world.

The message further boasted that 9/11 dealt a heavy blow to the American intelligence community, saying that it cast doubts among the American people and the world about the efficiency of their intelligence services.

“What made the Americans and others wonder: What if this attack was launched by a superpower or even terrorists who possess lethal weapons such as nuclear or bacterial weapons!”Discussing the economic impact of the attacks, the message underlined that targeting the World Trade Center “paralyzed the global and American economic system.”

My brief of Islamism is at

In 2011 there was a blue ribbon congressional panel to review the progress in implementing the major recommendations of the original 9/11  Commission Report. They  Reviewed 9  major areas. But I will confine this blog to just one. The Unity of Command Effort. Anytime there is a way to create enlarge an already unwieldy  bureaucracy one can expect the American government to plunge ahead and establish new one, usually simply  complicating the security environment and creating another wiring diagram of command structure that no one understands. Thus the  new Department  Homeland Security Agency was quickly put together creating thousands of jobs,  now with a workforce of 230,000 people and a budget of  over $85 billion, combining 22 agencies  ostensibly meeting the goals of the 9/11 Report.  Like many government agencies, this has proved to be a useless entity and actually a  dangerous organization with ill-defined powers and responsibilities.

The left hand still does not know what the right hand is doing in American anti-terrorism. In fact, without adding anything to the counter-terrorism effort,  it has gotten completely off track in  pursuing perceived political enemies of the administration in a blatant attempt to intimidate or silence sections of the population considered unreceptive to the programs of the current regime in office. There is no talk of Islamist terrorism, because it does not fit into the political correct narrative  which , excludes any  discussion of any religion except “Christian white supremists.”  These  are indeed the unicorns of this era.If there is a threat from this “white supremists” where is the evidence, who is /are the leaders, where are they located? and most all why are the politicians not asking the questions?

Meanwhile it should be understood that Al Qaeda, like the ISIS are whores. They kill for pay and are largely supported by States interested in attacking their enemies.  Both Iraq and especially Iran have had, and Iran still does, strong connections to the Al Qaeda organization. see Iran 911 case of 23 Dec 2011 at

This, of course is usually kept under cover by a government that pursues a totally useless nuclear agreement with the premier terrorist state- Iran. The Islamist enticements are used to bring in the adventurers, the  misfits,  the naive, and the stupid and a few true believers. At the top the leadership are cunning exploiters of weak human nature and skillful manipulators  of psychology and symbology. Unfortunately the Qur’an provides ample narrative to support the violence they revel in. In Christianity the New Testament modified the “blood and guts” of the Old Testament but nothing exists in Islam to re-interpret the “sword verses”. Those few Muslim  intellectuals who try to emphasize the pen verses Islam are drowned out by the well, financed militants , who own the social media,  control the many of the mosques, and sometimes become chameleons, like the Muslim Brotherhood  posing with clueless Western politicians in three piece suits—and ironically are often supported by Western useful idiots in the pseudo -intellectual circles who  always attach themselves to any movement antithetical to the common people..the “deplorables. ”

This can be interpreted any number of ways and explained in a historical context that has little to do with the present world but the Islamists choose to interpret it in the way that suits them and their voices are above the others.

Make no mistake….. Islamist terror is the major terrorist threat to this nation. With unvetted people pouring across the borders , unhindered, unchecked, and thousands of Afghans who fled Kabul arriving in the US simply because they happened to be at the right place at the right time….the airport….our weak intelligence  systems have completely lost track of what is going on regarding foreign terrorist circles  working inside this country.

Of course some will point to the fact that there have been no 9/11’s since 2001 but the potential grows astronomically as our apathy and incompetent  leadership averts their eyes to pursue more lucrative political and financial paths.

Below is a good article to read separating islam from the ideology of Islamism

Islam and Islamism By Salim Mansur. Associate professor of Political Science at Western University at Ontario, Canada.


an excerpt below.

“Islam, a religion, cannot be turned into a handmaiden of politics; when this occurs, Islam is turned into Islamism. Its defining characteristic is its intolerance of others, including Muslims, and glorification of violence against all who disagree. The conflict inside the Muslim world might be characterized as one between tyranny and freedom, even if that tyranny is packaged in God’s name. The strategically right thing to do is provide moral and material assistance to Muslims struggling against Islamists.”

Unfortunately we -our leadership- is not doing that. We allow our freedoms and tolerance to be abused by our enemies.

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