Middle Eastern Russian Linked Terrorism

Middle Eastern Russian Linked Terrorism

Wadie Haddad Russian point man for terrorism

The depth of Russian immersion into the La Brea tarpits of Middle Eastern fanaticism and polarization is graphically illustrated by the level of Soviet/Russian involvement in terrorist activities in the Middle East. As the flip side of Russian counterinsurgency, which the Russians always linked with anti-terrorism, it should be of little surprise to note that the Russians were up to their necks in subsidizing, training, and organizing terror groups. Despite this the CIA in 1981 rendered a judgement that the Russians did not support terrorism.  This facile judgement was based on the theory that while the Russians trained and financed them, they eschewed acts of terrorism against civilians.

Read Ray S Cline and Yonah Alexander  Terrorism: the Soviet Connection.

Cristopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin  ( The Sword and the Shield)found immense amount of materiel linking the Russian KGB to PLO terrorism, particularly  the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, (PFLP), the Popular Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, (PDFLP), the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) and the Black September Organization (BSO). Much of this was done through the good offices of Wadi Haddad,the chief of operations of the PFLP and the primary link between the KGB. who had links to the various terror organizations of the Middle East. Those who have closely examined the Russian link to terrorism found that the Russians were fully aware of the operations targeting civilians.  The Russians also cultivated Yasir Arafat, Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) but apparently the Russians considered him as a poseur and not useful to the Russian objectives.

Vatsili Mitrokhin A KGB Archivist and major. Defected to UK in 1992.


In consonance with the normal state of internecine warfare, murderous rivalries, and general chaos, which characterizes much of the Middle East, the terrorist groups and individuals cultivated by the Russians warred on each other and the Russians were unable to stay aloof. Much of the history of Putin’s rise to power and his decision to invade Chechnya was based on the alleged terrorist acts of the Islamist Chechens, despite the opinion of many observers who concluded that Putin used these atrocities as false flag operations to create fervor for another war in Chechnya.

The Russian prepossession with terrorism, which in the final analysis, was of little value to the Russians, can only be seen as one more piece of evidence illuminating the Middle Eastern rot the Russians inflicted upon themselves.

Anyone who thinks that with the transformation of the KGB to the FSB (Federal Security Service)  Russia has dropped its terrorist activities is a fool. But as we know the fools are numerous , especially in Western intelligence agencies. As Anatoly Golitsyn in his book New Lies for Old  details the close ties between the Russian KGB and the Eurocommunists.

If the FBI was not so busy looking for the unicorn “White Supremists”  they would likely  find ties between the Russian GU( Main Intelligence Agency) aka GRU and the marxist “woke” movement and  in Black Lives Matter and associated organizations with  marxist/leninist ideologies. These connections are   very diffuse and with lots of cover doors that conceal and deceive of course; For example the World Council of Churches (WCC) has been a communist front organization for many years. A perfect example is the East German infiltration ( The Stasi) of the German churches, especially the Lutheran, as laid out so expertly by Elizabeth Braw in her book God’s Spies.

The Islamist connection with Communism has been pointed  out by many. The outmoded idea that Marxism and Islamism are incompatible has been proven totally erroneous…dangerously so, but still useful  idiots  in the scholarly world still claim it is so. They, Islamism and Communism,  are both totalitarian ideologies, advocating achieving power by violence.  The “religious” facade of Islamism is as fictitious as the “class struggle” of the Leninists. Power is the objective  of both movements and as  Winston Churchill correctly pointed out over a hundred years ago…Socialism  simply presages the  imposition of Communism.q

How many Muslim  clerics are in the pay of the Russian GRU…. Financed through cut out means to conceal their sources? One can surmise that the Iranian clerical(  the basis of their regime) love affair with the Russian despots and oligarchs are part of this picture.

Final thought: ISIS and al Qaeda are state run terror organizations. The regimes that employs them may vary  from time to time but one can safely conclude they are not Gofundme  financed.



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