The Massive Iranian Attack on the US in 1983. Unrequited. The Consequence is Gaza.


The Beirut Operation in 1983; Mission Impossible

Reposting  a blog to commemorate the lost lives of the US marines and soldiers in the attack by the primogenitors of Hezbollah,   then called Islamic Jihad, but  they Islamist terrorists working for Iran.It was undoubtably, although as usual our Intelligence agencies waffled on precise identification, the work of Iran.It is important to revive the memory in order to remember the lives of the men lost, but also to note the price we continue to pay for our timidity, cowardice,  ( perhaps  more aptly termed),  in confronting Iran. In fact the Obama/Biden regime introduced a love fest with Iran which reinforced the Iranian mullahs view of the United States as a weak, easily manipulated society.  The JCOA negotiators, including John Kerry, and William Burns ( now our CIA director), were lap dogs sucking  up to the Iranian mullahs. Of course the JSCOA chief  negotiator,  Robert  Malley was  working for the Iranians heart, soul, and probably his  pocket book. Burns wrote a book I read, gritting my teeth, extolling the great works Kerry did in bringing about that disastrous “secret” deal.

A series of disasters in dealing with Iran have continued since that day that tragic day in Beirut. Probably most egregious was the American government’s kid gloves handling of the various  Shi’a  militia and terrorist groups in the pay of Iran killing American troops in Iraq.  In those days we should warned Iran and after a week or two  destroyed their Persian Gulf oil infrastructure.  We protest, threaten, make loud noises, and do nothing. The only bright spot in this legacy of pusillanimity  was the killing of Qassem Solemeini in 2020. Even now there are the gutless liberal-leftist appeasers in the West who blame the Trump decision to eliminate him as the main issue between the West and the  irredentist, presumptuous,  and megalomaniac leaders of Iran.  “Being nice” to Iran has brought decades of death and destruction to the West, and yet the opinion makers in the West always call for restraint,  caution, and understanding of the evil incarnate Islamist Iran.The Islamist Mullahs understand brutal force, not kindness. Kindness is weakness.


Iranian attacks, as are occurring today on US bases  in Iraq and Syria,( and being responded to by laughably  wimpy bombing attacks on militia empty installations). We   should be meeting these  attacks with attacks on their  oil industry and nuclear sites,  blocking and harassing oil transport through the Gulf. and generally making life intolerable for the mullahs.the oil infrastructure.  But I expect very little- nothing more than the usual words our enemies sneer at – from Biden or his incompetent politicized military leaders. Am I wrong I wonder? I would hope I am.

We should not be afraid of Russia. They are up to their ass in Ukraine and in no way ready to confront the US, even in our weakened state. In fact Putin is sick and the succession process is apt to be a very complicated one.  In a game of chicken against a resolute American leader ( I wish we had one) the Russians will back down. With a big daddy Russia put in its place, the Iranians are in jeopardy.  The power of the  fascistic Iranian mullahs are no way as strong as often depicted. They have a fragmented society- that with half a chance of success -would overthrow the regime. The Iranian regime desperately needs to be destroyed.  They are great intriguers, it is a salient characteristic of the Iranian culture but as a military power they are third rate. They fight with surrogates, Iraqis, Syrians, Yemenis, Palestinians, and Lebanese.

Along with Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah should be on the list for destruction….not conciliation. It need not be done at once but by degrees, an implacable steady erosion of their military capabilities with the understanding that a society that  allows and condones these barbarians to exist within them are not blameless.

Losing our soldiers due to having to operate within tepid and ridiculous  terms of engagement- as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, is idiotic. It was simply  an effort to placate effete Western sensibilities about civilian casualties and put soldiers at risk while the bureaucrats at the European Union and Washington DC, in their well -appointed offices, hypocritically and fraudulently, lament the loss of civilian life. These gutless authorities should be put in their place.

All these Islamist  barbarians who raped, murdered, mutilated babies  have mothers, fathers, sons, daughters  who are capable and should have been  influencing them to be part of the human race, but they chose to cheer them on in their hate. They are complicit in the terror acts, and bear responsibility for the problems they now  face. Yes we understand that in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza there are many decent, kind people, and they will  suffer with the guilty. I know a number of these people and understand they are mostly powerless in the face of the prevalent despotic rule all Arabs suffer under. Is anyone stupid enough to think that the Hamas barbarians would believe they could  rape and murder with impunity, and there would be no  Israeli response?  Of course they did , which is why they took hostages.  They knew that in concert with the usual Jew haters, the decadent, dissipated, Western societies would recoil in the face of violence reaching them.  Many European counties are now deathly fearful of their burgeoning Islamic populations .As always, they are  preying on the weakness of Western culture.  The weak are destroyed by the strong. Not just the Arabs , but all people admire and follow the strong horse -As BinLaden said. It is the way of the world.

We were not very solicitous toward the Japanese  or German civilians in WWII. We understood in those days that whimpering  about civilian deaths in a civilizational war was ridiculous and self-defeating.  Of one thing you can be sure: Those leftist Islamist sympathizers who protest about enemy civilian deaths today do not have a son or father or brother or daughter in the fight.

If we wish to maintain our status as a world power-one that is in question now- we must gird our loins, as the Bible enjoins us, to confront the challenge of the Islamist regime in Iran.



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Retired artillery colonel, many years in a number of positions in the Arab world. Graduate of the US Military Academy and the American University of Beirut. MA in Arab studies from the American University in Beirut along with 18 years as Middle East Seminar Director at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School, Served in Vietnam with 1st Inf Division, Assignments in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, plus service with Trucial Oman Scouts in the Persian Gulf. Traveled to every Arab country on the map including Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.
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