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Retired artillery colonel, many years in a number of positions in the Arab world. Graduate of the US Military Academy and the American University of Beirut. MA in Arab studies from the American University in Beirut along with 18 years as Middle East Seminar Director at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School, Served in Vietnam with 1st Inf Division, Assignments in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, plus service with Trucial Oman Scouts in the Persian Gulf. Traveled to every Arab country on the map including Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Women in King Hussein’s Life. Intrigue in the Palace

King Hussein had four wives. The first, Queen Dina was was of impeccable  Arab ancestry. Her Hashemite ancestry ( on her father’s side)  could be traced to the Prophet Muhammed. On her mothers side her ancestry was Circassian, the ‘Slave … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of the Christians in the Middle East The above is my article as it appeared in the Jewish News Syndicate, (JNS) an on Line periodical, I think the article fills a void, in that the West mostly ignores the plight of the Christians in The Islamic … Continue reading

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Newest Article on Russian Military Advisers in the East in Lima Charlie News

An article I worked a long time on with a great assist from my Swedish friend at LCN. John Sjoholm, Lima Charlie News World correspondent. Published on June 3, 2019 by Norvell B. DeAtkine History’s superpowers have long employed military … Continue reading

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Review of “Europe’s Ghost” By Michael Radu

Michael Radu, Europe’s Ghost; Tolerance, Jihadism, and the Crisis in the West. Encounter Books, New York, 2009, ISBN -13:978-I-59403-262-2, 773 pp., $35.00. Radu’s Bio is at Nine years ago  I wrote a review (  of a book of critical … Continue reading

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The Muslim Brotherhood and its Allies in the Leftist Press and Academia

  As i wrote in my previous post, the Trump proposal to designate the Muslim Brotherhood  (MB) ), a Terrorist Organization will probably not succeed because of legalistic hair splitting on meeting the archaic definitions of what constitutes a terrorist … Continue reading

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The Muslim Brotherhood Tells Washington DC “We are in Charge Here”

Raymond Stock, A well known expert on Egyptian culture and politics, having lived there for 20 Years,  and translated many of Naguib Mafouz’s  novels into English, wrote, “With an implacably anti-Western, anti-secular, anti Christian, antisemitic, anti -female,  Moslem supremacist ideology…. … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for the New Muscular U.S. State Department – HooWah

After years of servile bowing and seemingly paralyzed in the face of   Iranian Regime  provocations, the State Department, to my amazement, issued a tough posting on Facebook,  (excerpt at the end of post) correctly identifying the venal corrupt Iranian … Continue reading

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