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My TV Interview with Al Jazeera

On Nov 25 2016, Al Jazeera Channel (Arabic) aired an investigative story or documentary entitled (The Soldiers), which highlights the kind of training the enlisted soldiers of the Egyptian army receive. The film puts together testimonies of several Egyptian enlisted  soldiers … Continue reading

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A Middle Eastern Civics Class for Americans

Normally the discussion is about what the Middle Easterners have learned from the West but rarely do we talk about the lessons we should learn from them. And I am not referring to the ancient cultural center of Baghdad and … Continue reading

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How the Western Media Reinforces Islamist Propaganda

This is a short blog entry. I am focussing on the recent attacks by insurgents or gangs on the Egyptian government checkpoints in the Sinai. Immediately there were  a spate of articles from the pundits and gurus  pontificating that these … Continue reading

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Can Oil Companies in Iraq Avoid Incidents like Schlumberger’s?

Dozens of angry Shia Muslim workers stormed the Schlumberger Ltd camp in Basra, Iraq last week after a British employee took down a flag that was placed on the company’s car to commemorate the death anniversary of Imam Hussein, Prophet … Continue reading

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Sisi, the New Pharaoh or the New Nasser

While the Syrian fiasco continues and the peace fever overtakes the White House, significant events are happening in Egypt. Egypt still remains the key to the Arab world. It is the cultural center and most powerful despite  its economic woes … Continue reading

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