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Iranian Way of War

My Paper presented at the 13Th ASMEA conference (virtually) Without footnotes ….Slides inserted in the paper.    Historical Considerations in Understanding Iran’s Military and Their Way of War  By Norvell B DeAtkine   Academic and media angst at the early … Continue reading

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Azerbaijan Vs Armenia. Small State Conflicts With Centripetal Possibilities.

There are few places in the world that can outdo the Caucasus for having an Alice in Wonderland attraction, a fatal one however, especially the two nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Once, both entities, the Azeri and Arminian communities, were … Continue reading

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World War II Propaganda in the Middle East. Lessons for today

Mark Pomerleau writing on information warfare had this to say: “I think the United States is being strategically defeated in the information environment. We’re not even holding our own. We’re being defeated. We’re being outmaneuvered, we’re being outflanked, we’re being … Continue reading

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Recent Revisions to the lessons learned in the 1973 Arab-Israeli war

WordPress millennials and GenZ techies came up with this great new format which I, and apparently millions of others, cannot understand .I am trying to use it but has every disadvantage and no benefits as far as I can see. … Continue reading

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Cancelled Palestine Conference Promised Violent, Anti-Israel Propaganda

When the coronavirus restrictions prevented Middle East Studies academics from getting together in groups, they took their support for Palestine online. BDS organizations have been sucking up bandwidth for many months, pursuing their academic boycotts of Israel etc… Source: Cancelled … Continue reading

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Next Stop for Turkish Aggression

Just a few miles off the Turkish shore lies the small Greek island of Kastellorizo, an Islands of about 5 square miles inhabited by about 500 Greeks. Looking at a map one can see that there are a number of … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Academic Amnesia on Imperialism

Some years ago I attended a conference in Washington attended by Middle East Scholars –  or at least those who imagined themselves in that category. After the usual number of erudite talks by various scholars, one being a favorite  of … Continue reading

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Q.When did the Beginning of the End for Lebanon Begin? A. When it was Pushed and Pulled into the Morass of Middle East Politics

The slide of Lebanon to disaster and chaos began when the Lebanese corrupt and weak leadership were pushed and pulled into the morass of Middle Eastern politics. When I was there from 1967 to 1970 it was an oasis of … Continue reading

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Education as the Answer to the Mess in the Middle East?

The idea that that education, as so many western academics believe, is an answer to   creating a progressive society  in the Middle East is a nonstarter. Among other things it necessitates forgetting that Germany with the highest cultural and … Continue reading

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Iran: The Enemy that Refuses to Follow the Rules

The article below in the Business Insider set me to write this blog. Actually it is the conclusion to a 9000 word presentation I plan to give at the ASMEA conference in Rosslyn VA. at the end of Oct. Association … Continue reading

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