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Paris; The Wave of the Future

In the six months since the seemingly irrepressible ISIL avalanche overran Mosul after stagnating in Syria, the Iraq ISIL territorial expansion  has gone about as far as it can. The Shi’a militia with Iranian assistance and perhaps a miniscule assistance … Continue reading

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Iraqi PM Nuri Maliki comes To Town

Is Iraq At Turning Point? Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki was in Washington asking for help from the Obama administration.  He tried to refurbish his image, which has never been high in the US media. Unpopular from the beginning because the … Continue reading

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Just When You Think it Cannot get Worse, It Does – The Embassy closure fiasco

Based on “intercepts”, contents are not made public of course, the Obama State Department gang that can’t shoot straight, announced the closure of 22 Embassies  and consulates in the Middle East. It was apparently a ‘monster’ threat. The detail was … Continue reading

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