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Academia’s Twitter War with State Department over women’s status in Iraq’s tribal society!

At the State Department a recent award program was held to single out women of courage from ten different countries. One of them was Aliyah Khalaf Saleh of Iraq who in June 2014, hid cadets of the Military Academy at … Continue reading

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Arabs As Refugees: Cultural Challenges

  This blog entry is about the massive problem of displaced people of the Arab world. From Iraq to Syria to Palestine to Libya there are millions of people who have been uprooted from their homes. We read about them … Continue reading

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We Achieved Peace in Our Time

There is no doubt that the main stream media that has been very uncomfortable trying to avoid calling Obama’s ¬†leadership into question, Even a few liberals have noticed that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. But when Putin threw … Continue reading

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Money Makes a Midget a Giant – The case of Qatar

This past week a change in the regime of Qatar has initiated a number of stories about the Arab “magic kingdom.” This is a tribal state, a family fiefdom in which only one out of five people who live there … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Arab World progress

obstacles-to-arab-progress In this PPT I have analyzed ¬†12 reasons why there is so little s progress in the Arab world. The PPT is in the following order First a map of the Arab world at its greatest extent A view … Continue reading

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