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Islamism and Islam – Update

  Below is a  paste of an extract from an article in the Wall Street Journal ( 12 Dec 20015) written by Maajid Nawaz, a liberal Muslim, originally from Pakistan now living in the U.K.   “Islam is a religion, … Continue reading

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ISIL vs. Iraqi Army: Then and Now

For months now the ISIL has been residing inside the Anbar province of Iraq. Despite a number of false starts by the Iraqi security forces, and announced impending offensives to clear the area of the insurgents, very little has happened. … Continue reading

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Iraq: Still there, Still in Crisis, Fragmenting?

The elections are over. It was a larger turnout of voters than many anticipated and the present prime minister,  Nouri Al-Maliki drew the most votes, but not enough to form a government.  Now the horse trading will begin. It seems … Continue reading

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Arabs As Refugees: Cultural Challenges

  This blog entry is about the massive problem of displaced people of the Arab world. From Iraq to Syria to Palestine to Libya there are millions of people who have been uprooted from their homes. We read about them … Continue reading

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Middle Eastern Potpourri

It has been a while since I have posted. Part of the reason is the one-week I spent as a cultural advisor with a U.S. marine detachment preparing to go to a Middle Eastern country. The week was spent going … Continue reading

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Attack on Syria: The Regional Implications

As the Alice in Wonderland process continues in Washington with clueless  John Kerry insisting to congress that the  Syrian rebels are a bunch of Jeffersonian democrats, and the out-of touch political class seemingly ready to vote for a war no … Continue reading

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Just When You Think it Cannot get Worse, It Does – The Embassy closure fiasco

Based on “intercepts”, contents are not made public of course, the Obama State Department gang that can’t shoot straight, announced the closure of 22 Embassies  and consulates in the Middle East. King Hussein shaking hands with me at an official … Continue reading

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The Terrorist and I

It all began one day a fairly short time after beginning work as the Middle East Instructor at the John F Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School as the Middle East seminar director. I had joined as the old Foreign … Continue reading

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