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Obama ‘s Middle East Policy. Does He Have One? Does anyone care? I Have not been doing my blog lately. Partially because of disgust with the leadership, or more accurately the total lack of leadership, starting and centering in the … Continue reading

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If You Understand the U.S Policy toward Syria, Please Stand Up

After a bewildering week of events and non events, no one can honestly say they know what is going on with our policy in or toward Syria. Perhaps most people are already bored and the news media has returned to … Continue reading

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Attack on Syria: The Regional Implications

As the Alice in Wonderland process continues in Washington with clueless  John Kerry insisting to congress that the  Syrian rebels are a bunch of Jeffersonian democrats, and the out-of touch political class seemingly ready to vote for a war no … Continue reading

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Syria: The Amazing Obama Deception Plan

Anyone remember the fiasco related to our last attack on the Syrian state? It was 1983 .. following the attack on the Marine barracks, President Reagan  decided to make the Syrians pay a price since everyone knew the attacks on the … Continue reading

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Turkey and Erdogan

 The Alevi are a salient aspect to the  troubles in Turkey. The Gezi park area is an area inhabited by a large community of Alevis.  Some years ago a series of drive- by shootings left a number of Alevis dead … Continue reading

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Syria – part II

Before I left Damascus for my trip around the eastern part of Syria – I was not allowed to go into Dayr Az Zawr, eastern region of the country- I had the opportunity to have a lunch with a bunch of … Continue reading

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