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The Syrian Background

Once considered the  heartland of the Arab world the Syrian nation was often spoken of as the linchpin of any agreement  between the Western nations and the Arab world. No peace with  Israel was possible unless the Syrians regime agreed…this … Continue reading

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Obama’s Foreign Policy Doctrine: Kowtow to Your Enemies, Kick Your Allies

The latest example of the hapless and sophomoric Obama administration approach to foreign policy is the suspension of military aid to Egypt.  Who is being punished by this move? Who benefits? Well, of course internally, the vastly unpopular Muslim Brotherhood … Continue reading

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Attack on Syria: The Regional Implications

As the Alice in Wonderland process continues in Washington with clueless  John Kerry insisting to congress that the  Syrian rebels are a bunch of Jeffersonian democrats, and the out-of touch political class seemingly ready to vote for a war no … Continue reading

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Palestine and “talks about talks”

I see my role in posting information in my obscure blog to simply point out rather obvious things that  the gurus and heavy hitters in the Middle East  reporting and analysis business seem loathe to discuss. Or perhaps they simply … Continue reading

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Palestine…. again and again

What is the unfunny joke about the Palestinian leadership? The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. They always say no and end up with less and less.  And their people suffer, but not the Palestinian leaders, whether … Continue reading

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