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Review of “Europe’s Ghost” By Michael Radu

Michael Radu, Europe’s Ghost; Tolerance, Jihadism, and the Crisis in the West. Encounter Books, New York, 2009, ISBN -13:978-I-59403-262-2, 773 pp., $35.00. Radu’s Bio is at Nine years ago  I wrote a review (  of a book of critical … Continue reading

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The Muslim Brotherhood and its Allies in the Leftist Press and Academia

  As i wrote in my previous post, the Trump proposal to designate the Muslim Brotherhood  (MB) ), a Terrorist Organization will probably not succeed because of legalistic hair splitting on meeting the archaic definitions of what constitutes a terrorist … Continue reading

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The Muslim Brotherhood Tells Washington DC “We are in Charge Here”

Raymond Stock, A well known expert on Egyptian culture and politics, having lived there for 20 Years,  and translated many of Naguib Mafouz’s  novels into English, wrote, “With an implacably anti-Western, anti-secular, anti Christian, antisemitic, anti -female,  Moslem supremacist ideology…. … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for the New Muscular U.S. State Department – HooWah

After years of servile bowing and seemingly paralyzed in the face of   Iranian Regime  provocations, the State Department, to my amazement, issued a tough posting on Facebook,  (excerpt at the end of post) correctly identifying the venal corrupt Iranian … Continue reading

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